Ep 1 : The Renaissance 2.0 - An Introduction

Ep 1 : The Renaissance 2.0 - An Introduction

Bitcoin Is Love

Bitcoin Is love: Renaissance 2.0  

By Roger and Nozomi  

Bitcoin ushers in a new era of Renaissance, creating resurgence of arts and a renewal of culture.  At the heart of this new humanistic revival is love.  Within each person, there is incredible potential to love.  Bitcoin teaches us to accept ourselves unconditionally and truly love ourselves. This love can then grow and be shared with others around us, and ultimately everyone you come into contact with. What unfolds in this process is the realization of humanity within each individual.   Dedicated to the art of being human, “Bitcoin Is Love” podcast is created to celebrate Renaissance 2.0 and to amplify the vibes for love!  Musician Roger 9000, with his interests in arts and mythology, together with writer Nozomi Hayase with her background in psychology and philosophy explore what it means to be human.

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