#392: Resisting Online Surveillance with Viktor from IVPN
#392: Resisting Online Surveillance with Viktor from IVPN
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Viktor from IVPN to discuss online privacy and the surveillance traps set by online companies, including most VPNs.

Follow Viktor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vonthedock

Check out IVPN: https://www.ivpn.net/

6:10 - VPN convention
10:42 - VPNs explained
16:23 - VPN traps
19:23 - TOR
23:10 - Running your own VPN
26:30 - Vetting VPN services
35:23 - Wireguard
39:28 - Paying for a VPN privately
42:09 - LN privacy and Monero
45:33 - Fedimint
53:14 - Viktor's story, don't be a coomer
1:05:55 - Attacks on IVPN
1:07:59 - How the current internet makes VPNs necessary
1:12:22 - Expanding IVPN
1:17:34 - State attack vectors on VPNs
1:22:50 - Final thoughts
1:26:02 - Plugs

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3,674 sats
13 Feb
IVPN ... thoroughly recommended. great to have as a sponsor (and guest too).
2,500 sats
5 Feb
VPNs are cool but annoying when sites you need to use block them
2,000 sats
30 Jan
Marty Bent is my spirit animal.
500 sats
31 Jan
3 year IVPN user and I still fucking love it. Especially after the Asian server expansion. Keep fighting the good fight!!
256 sats
30 Jan
Great episode, seems like many Bitcoiners are “Monero curious.”
200 sats
31 Jan
Great show! 🙌