#391: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths with Ed Dowd

#391: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths with Ed Dowd

TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Ed Dowd to discuss excess deaths in recent times, the ever changing narratives surrounding Covid and the jabs, and how to move forward as the credibility of institutions crumbles.

Find Ed's book here

5:10 - Update on findings in the last 10 months
10:29 - The censorship is obvious now
12:29 - What is the censorship hiding?
15:26 - Continuous jabs seem to only make things worse
17:43 - Making peace after the social conflict
20:50 - Collapsing workforce
23:37 - The deaths are getting conspicuous
28:42 - The system may be preparing for a takeover
33:05 - Bitcoin and its psyop impersonators
35:40 - Hedge fund
38:05 - Opportunities for entrepreneurs
40:04 - Everyone's on medication
45:29 - Will the NPCs ever catch on?
48:36 - Will the country start to fragment?
51:31 - Energy disaster
54:50 - Final thoughts

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