Running for Governor, The Pursuit of Mental Clarity, & Psilocybin for Vets w/ Shane Hazel
Running for Governor, The Pursuit of Mental Clarity, & Psilocybin for Vets w/ Shane Hazel
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Shane Hazel is a veteran, bitcoiner, founder of the B.R.A.V.E PTSD Experience, and a political candidate, most recently in the Georgia gubernatorial race for the Libertarian Party.

I watched some of the live debates for that race, and was impressed by both the ideas Shane was espousing, and the manner in which he was doing so, so I invited him on for a chat.



More from Shane:

TWITTER: @ShaneTHazel


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5,000 sats
30 Jan
Loved it. Shane is a great bitcoiner
31 Jan
2,000 sats
26 Jan
love a good psilocybin rip. never heard of brave before this. very cool.
1,000 sats
27 Jan
Always enjoy where these conversations go, thanks πŸ™
500 sats
31 Jan
thanks for having me John!
100 sats
1 Feb
This convo is spot on about the world of people not in control of their own thoughts… you are justified πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜„
100 sats
27 Jan
100 extra sats because the I always clap along to the music at the end
30 Jan