#36 - Francis Pouliot: Bitcoin is a Life Raft
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#36 - Francis Pouliot: Bitcoin is a Life Raft

Jan 25 2023 • 2hr 37m

Show Notes

For our final episode of season three, we were excited to have Francis Pouliot join us for a discussion.
Francis is the founder and CEO of Bull Bitcoin, a popular 'non-custodial' bitcoin exchange and payment service in Canada. He has been heavily involved in the bitcoin industry since 2013, helping people understand and use bitcoin from the earliest days of Montreal's Bitcoin Embassy to Costa Rica's Bitcoin Jungle today.
In that time, he has accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience, which in addition to his uniquely principled approach to things, has made him a popular and respected voice in the bitcoin space.
Personally, I've always appreciated his reverence for the truth, his dedication to doing what he believes to be right, and the ideas, arguments, and products which have emerged from that approach. Including his company Bull Bitcoin, which, full disclosure, I'm a happy customer of.
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10,000 sats
Jan 27 2023
god love francis. im sn old sss boomer i spprecoate his old school way in a new world. self custody is easy anyone that says its hard is either lazy or stupid.
5,000 sats
Jan 26 2023
so much love for Francis's attitude
Feb 7 2023
2,000 sats
Feb 15 2023
Bitcoin is The Peaceful Revolution. BullBitcoin, Alberta Canada…drop a pin. Great podcast guys.
1,000 sats
Jan 26 2023
can’t wait to use Bull in Costa Rica to buy a property! excellent work
500 sats
Feb 6 2023
333 sats
Jan 28 2023
glad that Francis resisted semi-retirement mode. I wish him successful making Bull Bitcoin the standard.
250 sats
Jan 28 2023
Bullish! Hope South Africa is on that list.
250 sats
Jan 25 2023
I love this conversation!!
250 sats
Feb 3 2023
good rip
100 sats
Jan 26 2023
awesome pod.
100 sats
Feb 3 2023
Very inspiring episode as usual @johnkvallis! @francispouliot_ 🧡💪huge thanks for not retiring yet! The world needs you 👍🙏.