OSCAR MERRY | Fountain 0.6 Updates, Cross App Comments & V4V Versus Advertising
OSCAR MERRY | Fountain 0.6 Updates, Cross App Comments & V4V Versus Advertising
Mere Mortals

Oscar (the cofounder of the Fountain podcasting app) is back on for the 3rd time after a long break between our chats.

In Conversation #81, Oscar and I discuss: all the new features in the 0.6 edition, strategic decisions he is making whilst building the app, the complexity of trying to integrate comments from across different platforms, ways in which the onboarding is becoming much easier, whether the 'value for value' model can work for a business and my hesitation to participate with advertising in any manner.

As always, I hope you enjoy. Kyrin out!

(0:00) - Intro to Oscar
(1:04) - Fountain compared to last year
(2:51) - Payments & Zebedee
(5:15) - Time spent developing
(7:31) - Fiat to Bitcoin within the app
(11:47) - Attention vs Value as the signal
(16:59) - YouTube comment system
(21:16) - Podcasting 2.0 comments
(29:08) - Tags in the namespace
(30:56) - Moderation & free speech
(36:14) - Opt-in organ donations
(38:02) - Adoption of P2.0 tags
(43:38) - Fountain Lightning addresses
(49:41) - V4V as a business
(56:06) - Fountain Premium
(58:21) - Advertising on Fountain
(1:00:52) - My satvertising conflict
(1:14:35) - BTC, KYC and ethics
(1:24:04) - Value For Value podcast season 3

Connect with Oscar & Fountain:
Website: https://fountain.fm/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fountain_app
Oscar's Twitter: https://twitter.com/MerryOscar

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23 Jan
Thanks for all your hard work Oscar, I love what you're doing with Fountain so far and the future looks even brighter. Thanks Kyrin for covering my topics! MereMortals Podcast totally rocks. πŸ€™
23 Jan
Thanks Petar that means a lot! πŸ™ And thanks for all your support so far in helping us get the word out!
25 Jan
thank you for everything
23 Jan
Thanks Petar, you're the big baller of my heart! 😍
25 Jan
thx for sats & app
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22 Jan
Boosting my love to you
23 Jan
Thanks so much Adam, I feel it πŸ₯°
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23 Jan
Quack quack, thanks Martin!
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24 Jan
great interview!! In giving thought to Facebook/instagram - remember if you aren’t paying for the service than you ( your eyeballs ) are the payment. Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Google whatever only serves up content so that you view ads. it is literally that simple in my opinion.
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22 Jan
Liberty πŸ—½ boost of 1776 Satoshis. Martin Lindeskog, Tea Party Media.
23 Jan
Appreciate you making the effort to resend these boosts Martin, you're the best!
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22 Jan
Oscar is a dragon slayer V4V player! Huge fan of the continually improving ecosystem.
23 Jan
Yep he always seems to be following the right path with consistent values.
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23 Jan
This one was so good I listened to it TWICE! Learned a lot about the Fountain app and it’s development.
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22 Jan
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25 Jan
Nice podcast, keep it going