TLS93: Paul Sztorc on Drivechain (BIP 300/301), Bitcoin Sidechains, and Building Layer Two Labs
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TLS93: Paul Sztorc on Drivechain (BIP 300/301), Bitcoin Sidechains, and Building Layer Two Labs

19 Jan • 2hr 6m
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Show Notes

Paul Sztorc is the Founder and CEO of Layer 2 Labs, as well as the author of BIP 300 and 301 and a Drivechain advocate.
In our conversation, we explored Drivechain history, the pros and cons of sidechains on Bitcoin, and the work Paul is doing at Layer Two Labs to help scale Bitcoin.
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00:00 - Intro
02:04 - Paul Sztorc Intro
16:25 - What Is Drivechain?
19:53 - Why Haven’t BIP 300/301 Been Implemented?
32:32 - Have Drivechain Opinions Changed Over Time?
41:54 - The Effects of Bitcoin’s Blocksize War
47:50 - What Benefits Could Bitcoin Get From Drivechain?
59:59 - What Are The Best Arguments Against Drivechain?
1:12:07 - Layer Two Labs
1:28:30 - Improving Bitcoin UX
1:53:05 - Sidechains and the Lightning Network
1:59:34 - The Lightning Round
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100,000 sats
24 Jan
I sent the 100k sats last episode with BitcoinErrorLog. Keep up the good guests.
10,000 sats
22 Jan
what is that block explore Paul likes? But great conversation! I think BIP300/301 is an attack on altcoins. I would pay sats to see Paul and John Carvalho chat about these ideas.
Drivechain is an attack on Bitcoin
27 Jan
No its not. Using that word "attack", frames the people trying to make Bitcoin more useful as some kind of enemy. How can you expect Bitcoin to be antifragile, if it cant adapt?
22 Jan
Paul and John had a debate at Baltic Honeybadger 2022. The video is on their YouTube channel.
you have the link?
22 Jan
10,000 sats
20 Jan
BIP 300/301 should be taken more seriously by the bitcoin community.
5,000 sats
24 Jan
great episode
1,000 sats
20 Jan
saw your pod come up a few times on twitter, tuning into this episode as my first one. enjoy the boost!