Guy's Take #63 - Anatomy of a Scam, The IMF and World Bank Empire
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Guy's Take #63 - Anatomy of a Scam, The IMF and World Bank Empire

19 Jan • 1hr 16m
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Today we break into the racket that is the IMF and World Bank monetary imperialism. Piggy backing off Gladstein's remarkable piece detailing the horrific consequences of this system and the clear intent and disregard for human life and basic freedoms, we discuss the fundamental principles of sound money that would be a basis to prevent this, how the fiat system gets around this balancing forces and corrupts the incentives, and how Bitcoin and a global neutral standard may finally bring about its end.

Listen to the full work by Gladstein, of the other piece mentioned in this Guy's Take from Nayib Bukele:
Structural Adjustment:
Stop Drinking the Elite's Kool-aid:

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“WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”
― Major General, Smedley Butler
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Pink Boar
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19 Jan • Breez
great take!
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20 Jan
Great endcap to this long, but essential, piece.
🧡 Thanks Clarkian ✊🏻
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23 Jan
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haha that’s awesome! The quip about “I’m sure it’s significant” was actually sarcasm, just fyi 😘
27 Jan
and then there's 33. the 'magic number'. #ITM
4 Feb
and how could i gorget the basics? like 23 (mystery??) 86 (we all know this one) 99 33033 (as in pallindromes) It goes on. we care. and btw .... THANKS for NOT putting a LIMIT on donations (NOT tips). you WIN. we WIN. advertising/corp/fiat model ... LOSES.
24 Jan
Ability to create custom preset boost amounts would be neat
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19 Jan
show name: bitcoin bites
oh that’s not a bad idea 🤔
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19 Jan
can't agree more, as an African.
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19 Jan
The Swann School? By the way, you are part of a modern fairy tale now. If you are able to look at my clips, check out the Fold clip. Thank you for introducing me to the fold card.
Haha that’s awesome! Love the clip!
21 Jan
You inspired me to start my podcast. I love old stories so I decided to start reading them the way you do the bitcoin articles. Thanks.
that’s awesome! if I wanted to one day could I use your Fold ad on my show? I’ll even leave your referral link in there 🧡⚡️
29 Jan
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31 Jan
I 🧡 Guy's Takes!
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19 Jan
1,000% FACTS!
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19 Jan
more great reads Guy. keep peeling this IMF onion
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20 Jan
Thanks for sharing this very important info, ser.
100 sats
19 Jan
Thank you for everything you do for creating a better world for humanity! Your educational takes and reading are amazing!