BR020 - Zeus, Alby, Bitcoin Knots Keys Leaked +MORE ft. Sjors, Schmidty, Evan Kaloudis & Justin Moon
BR020 - Zeus, Alby, Bitcoin Knots Keys Leaked +MORE ft. Sjors, Schmidty, Evan Kaloudis & Justin Moon
Bitcoin.Review Podcast with NVK & Guests

I'm joined by guests Sjors Provoost, Mike Schmidt, Evan Kaloudis & Justin Moon to go through the list.

(Timecodes coming soon.)


  • Understanding The Coldcard Mk4 Security Model
  • Breez SATSCARD Integration Bounty
  • BDK issue about integrating SATSCARD & TAPSIGNER
  • Check out the hugely popular Nostr episode

Software Releases & Project Updates

  • Nunchuk Introduces the Honey Badger Wallet
  • Electrum 4.3.3
  • HWI 2.2.0
  • Mercury Wallet 0.8.6
  • HEXA v2.1.1
  • libwally-swift v0.0.8
  • LNbits Fusion44
  • Fountain 0.6
  • ZEBEDEE Revamped
  • BDK 0.26.0
  • Stacker News
  • Zeus v0.7.1
  • Muun 2.7.1
  • LDK v0.0.113
  • Eclair v0.8.0
  • Alby
  • Fedi
  • Damus

Project spotlight

  • Nosotros - NOSTR mobile client
  • Fun, simple coinjoin explorer from supertestnet
  • Krux: An an open-source, airgapped bitcoin hardware wallet


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News & Noteworthy

  • Microstrategy Adds 2,500 Bitcoin To Holdings Despite Tax-loss Harvesting
  • Microstrategy To Launch Bitcoin Lightning Solutions In 2023
  • Fiji’s New Pro-bitcoin Prime Minister Ponders Legal Tender Bill
  • LQwD Fintech Releases Version 2 of its Bitcoin Lightning Network Platform
  • Orange Pill App added lightning payments to its web app
  • PlebLab launched PlebDev
  • Major Ukrainian Pharmacy Chain Enables Bitcoin Payments
  • Coinbase reaches $100 million settlement with New York regulator
  • Hashrate Index 2022 Bitcoin Mining Year in Review
  • Several Canadian provinces target bitcoin miners
  • 91% Of Cryptos From 2014 Have Died, While Bitcoin Continues To Thrive
  • El Salvador’s Legislature Approves Landmark Digital Securities Bill
  • Samsung Bitcoin ETF Launches in Hong Kong
  • One Of America’s Largest Hemp Processors Makes Entry Into Sustainable Bitcoin Mining
  • Bitcoin Mining Is Proving To Be A Lifeline For Africa’s Oldest National Park

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

  • [232] Bitcoin Knots signing key compromised
  • [232] Software forks of Bitcoin Core
  • [233] Non-interactive LN channel open commitments


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