#388: OP_VAULT and Bitcoin Governance with James O'Beirne
#388: OP_VAULT and Bitcoin Governance with James O'Beirne
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with James O'Beirne to discuss the OP_VAULT proposal, the way Bitcoin Core is governed, and some bearish vibes.

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6:23 - Opening riff
9:45 - OP_VAULT
12:18 - Origins of covenants
16:02 - Further iterations and designing the best vault
21:18 - Explaining vaults
25:36 - UTXO batching
27:32 - Use cases
32:29 - Ideal UX
37:03 - Feedback on the opcode
42:22 - Zooming out on implications
43:47 - Back to mailing list feedback
45:48 - When is the BIP coming?
48:09 - Bitcoin core governance
55:55 - Bitcoin ossification
59:32 - How should governance change?
1:06:43 - New blood in Core project
1:10:04 - Bearish vibes
1:16:51 - Is there room for project managers?
1:20:13 - Supporting new developers
1:29:53 - Bearish again
1:32:17 - Back to OP_VAULT
1:37:30 - Plugs and closing riff

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9,674 sats
17 Jan
some GREAT insights into 'life as a bitcoin dev'. the idea of any covenants in bitcoin has always concerned me, but like the guest said: we've already got multisig ... thanks for another great rip.
29 Jan
You can already make a vault, but nobody wants to take the effort. They are deluded by the promise of easier vaults, but will trust a wallet to generate it correctly.
8,008 sats
17 Jan
it's pronounced 'DEH-nih-grate' (denigrate). also, great rip. go vaults.
17 Jan
that’s on me
5,000 sats
27 Jan
Good dose of reality. humans power Bitcoin! this is proof
2,000 sats
17 Jan
1,000 sats
27 Jan
979 sats
18 Jan
nice to hear a somber, realistic take acknowledging challenges within governance of a leaderless project
19 Jan
feel like this type of vault is a great idea
500 sats
23 Jan
loved jimmy’s diner!
169 sats
18 Jan