#386: 3D Printing and CryptoCloaks with Rick V
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#386: 3D Printing and CryptoCloaks with Rick V

Jan 10 2023 • 1hr 19m

Show Notes

Join Marty as he sits down with Rick V to discuss his 3D printed space heater mod for miners, the story of CryptoCloaks, and what it's like running a Bitcoin-based business.

CryptoCloaks on Twitter
CryptoCloaks Website

5:58 - Coffee rip!
8:23 - Questions on 3D printing
15:35 - CryptoCloaks
19:59 - Story of the space heater
23:36 - Temp limits on 3D printed parts
24:46 - What space heater ASICs can do for hash distribution
27:45 - Rick's Bitcoin story
30:43 - Everyone Bitcoiner should have a 3D printer
35:05 - Where 3D printing is going
38:15 - AI
44:22 - Back to CryptoCloaks
50:07 - UK store
51:01 - Word for entrepreneurs
53:47 - Running a bitcoin based business
1:03:16 - Narrative battle
1:10:05 - Ring drones
1:11:43 - What's next for CryptoCloaks
1:13:48 - Plugs
1:14:45 - Mining tangent
1:18:11 - Outro

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21,000 sats
Jan 11 2023
FFS. I SHOULD BE SLEEPING! Shout out to Rick, Lommy, Stackmore, Mopar, Blackcoffee, Bruff and the rest of the cryptocloaks team! Matt, plz say hi to Odell. Tell him to send that pic of the shirt I handed him in Amsterdam 😉
20,000 sats
Jan 12 2023
Stay humble and stack sats. Stay supportive and stream sats!
15,000 sats
Jan 29 2023
Almost skipped this one glad I didn’t. Good info here. my first crypto cloaks product was meh I still got a balance on a gift card that I used maybe I’ll supercharge my S9
8,008 sats
Jan 11 2023
Great show Marty & Rick! Excited to watch the space heater market unfold! Also amped to see more mining widgets appear on
7,007 sats
Jan 10 2023
Rick is a beast. He has provided so much innovation for AHM. #PlebMiners
3,333 sats
Jan 13 2023
Cool episode. Love to hear about home mining and making it even more useful and easier.
2,121 sats
Jan 10 2023
Baaaaaaaarrnnnnminer can’t spell 😂
1,000 sats
Jan 29 2023
Sheesh might do this with my S9. lower wattage damper the sound sounds very doable now
210 sats
Jan 11 2023
Amazing episode. Thank you for providing signal