Privacy talk with Tony Giorgio

Privacy talk with Tony Giorgio

Thriller Bitcoin

Car talks with Tony Giorgio of Mutiny. They discuss privacy threats on all fronts. They also dive into building Mutiny wallet, the bitcoin privacy war, real-world privacy, 6102, and whether the lightning network is private.


  • bitcoin privacy
  • online privacy
  • real-world privacy
  • lightning network privacy
  • signal
  • privacy threats
  • ross ulbricht
  • ian freeman
  • mark alexander hopkins
  • gatekeeping
  • silk road
  • informants
  • being open and public
  • unknown deaths
  • spy vs. spy
  • muun wallet
  • lightning service providers
  • coinbase
  • chainalysis
  • robosats
  • executive order 6102
  • bisq
  • surveillance network
  • ln proxy
  • vortex
  • mutiny wallet
  • mutiny startup
  • impervious
  • abdc
  • open web trend
  • apple app store
  • centralized services
  • removing friction
  • time and attention

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