#385: 2022: Year In Review with David Collum
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#385: 2022: Year In Review with David Collum

8 Jan • 3hr 2m
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Show Notes

Join Marty as he sits down with David Collum to recap 2022. The discuss Ukraine, the recession, and so much jab shit-talking we didn't even bother putting this on YouTube.

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9:30 - Hocking loogies and snapping necks
13:58 - Rumors that the 3rd jab compromises immunity
17:02 - Brett Weinstein on Rogan
18:20 - Fauci
20:55 - Vax disaster
26:02 - dog
26:07 - Attitudes and responsibility of the medical community
30:45 - Only conclusion left is deliberate malice
36:04 - Australian data on birthrate
38:27 - Sportsball players dying in the field
42:13 - Speak out, get got
44:45 - Azov Regiment, MK Ultra, and Hollywood pedos
56:34 - SBF
1:04:44 - They tried to kill us with Covid
1:06:33- Who's in control and how much control do they have?
1:16:41 - Trans mind sickness
1:26:11 - Trudeau and Castro
1:27:29 - Where's the financial chaos going?
1:39:41 - Gold
1:49:55 - What's up with Japan?
2:00:00 - Inflation
2:09:30 - A story of redonkulous financial degeneracy
2:14:19 - Remember IndyMac?
2:18:28 - If everyone's mad at the start of the recession, what does the bottom look like?
2:21:00 - Talking monetization
2:24:34 - Bitcoin vs gold
2:31:50 - Family dynamics changed by economy
2:35:59 - Mining bitcoin
2:39:32 - Bullish on nuclear
2:44:29 - Marty is a lesbian woman with two children
2:46:06 - dog
2:52:04 - Ukraine
2:55:51 - Moon landing and flat earth
3:00:29 - Dinner time for dog

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80,085 sats
8 Jan
I’d be happy to help David get a wallet setup! Marty, just tell him to call me anytime :)
50,000 sats
10 Jan
great episode! love the raw and uncut discussion. just Two men talking about the state of affairs in the world. tell Dave I got $2M for him 😂
20,000 sats
8 Jan
10,000 sats
10 Jan
couldn’t tell if it was a dog or Dave was having GI distress. either way I couldn’t stop laughing
7,777 sats
8 Jan
This is one of the few free thinkers left; please make this a regular review. God bless you both.
5,000 sats
8 Jan
whats uo uncle M
3,333 sats
8 Jan
Enjoyed this chat.
2,500 sats
12 Jan
Dave is missing out on free sats! ;) Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed a TFTC episode with Dave. Guaranteed laughs and a good time. Here are some sats. 40% split means Dave missed out on 1000.
2,222 sats
10 Jan
christopher dorner was the LA cop Dave referred to.
2,000 sats
11 Jan
Deep pod. grrat
1,500 sats
8 Jan
love some Dave Collum!!
1,000 sats
10 Jan
good show
500 sats
9 Jan
Always good to hear from a different perspective. Great talk!
500 sats
10 Jan
Dave could have some of these sats but nooo… cant v4v stream gold, Dave!
500 sats
10 Jan
Testing boosting, really like this model!
210 sats
11 Jan
200 sats
11 Jan
Right on! I am passing the 200 sats earned from Fountain on to you.
100 sats
8 Jan
cant spell
100 sats
14 Jan
Boost for the dog snoring at one hour in. 😂
100 sats
10 Jan
100 sats
9 Jan
baseless FUD. Zero fact checking. probably your worst interview.