Discovering Bitcoin with (Saint) OPTI
Discovering Bitcoin

Discovering Bitcoin with (Saint) OPTI

5 Jan β€’ 1hr 0m
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Show Notes

Episode One feat. (Saint) Optimus Fields, co-host of the best daily show about Bitcoin, Simply Bitcoin and Creator of Bitcoin Kindergarten*
We discuss:

Opti's Bitcoin origin story
Internet nerd money
Digging ditches
Warrior families
Building on a pillar of truth
Heaps more

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Check out Opti's Links:

Simply Bitcoin
Bitcoin Kindergarten
Opti's Twitter

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YUGE thanks to Opti for spending some of his scarce time and finite energy telling us the tale of how he discovered Bitcoin.
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* Intro/Outro Music: Midnight Juggernauts 'Road to Recovery'
* Language Warning
*Sorry about the slightly glitchy audio; I cleaned it up pretty good, but this is an ep that's better listened to with a bit of ambient noise in the background; like when you're driving, mowing the lawn, or trying to block out your fiat co-workers whining at your desk all day. The next couple episodes are real nice!
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2,000 sats
13 Jan
Opti is my favorite Mexican bitcoiner
500 sats
12 Jan
good work!
thanks brother
Saint Opti!