TLS90: Evan Kaloudis on Building Zeus, Lightning Self Custody, Open Source Funding, Tor, and Taro
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TLS90: Evan Kaloudis on Building Zeus, Lightning Self Custody, Open Source Funding, Tor, and Taro

4 Jan • 1hr 22m
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Show Notes

Evan Kaloudis is the founder of Zeus, an open-source and self-custodial mobile Lightning wallet.
We talked about building Zeus and the new features it offers, the tension between custodial and self-custodial Lightning wallets, and the roadmap and business model for Zeus looking forward.
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00:00 - Intro
02:17 - Evan Kaloudis Intro
06:43 - Evan’s Decision to Build Zeus
17:01 - What Is Missing from the Lightning Ecosystem?
23:59 - Custodial vs. Self-Custodial Lightning Payments
36:49 - Privacy on the Lightning Network
40:20 - Why Haven’t Regulators Targeted Lightning Companies?
42:04 - Taro and Zeus
46:09 - Zeus 0.7 Release
59:33 - Can Bitcoin Payments Fix Tor?
1:10:23 - Zeus’ Business Model
1:15:30 - The Lightning Round
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10,000 sats
6 Jan
love the Zeus wallet. makes using my node a doddle.
2,100 sats
4 Jan
great episode! may I suggest two guests: Hampus from Blixtwallet and Loki from Indra, great projets need exposure
2,000 sats
6 Jan
Wine Frog
1,000 sats
4 Jan • Breez
keep buidling
1,000 sats
6 Jan
Look forward to trying out Zeus! 💪
Coast of Maine
500 sats
8 Jan • Breez
500 sats
4 Jan
Excellent interview; Great work Kevin & Evan! ⚡
260 sats
4 Jan
Nice one getting Evan on. Zeus is on fire! 🔥
210 sats
22 Jan
Great episode! I’m so grateful for the work Evan is doing. Zues is just amazing⚡️
202 sats
4 Jan
200 sats
4 Jan
great work
100 sats
5 Jan
echo LN sounds awesome. sorry fountain huehue
100 sats
4 Jan
100 sats
8 Jan
Great inspiring show. Keep it up Kevin and Evan