Taking Back Your Attention & Generating a Market for it w/ VIDA
Taking Back Your Attention & Generating a Market for it w/ VIDA
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

Most people in the world don't yet realize that the internet is currently entering a new era. Thanks to the capabilities of bitcoin and the lightning network, a seamless, frictionless, value transfer layer is coming to our online actions and interactions, in what has recently become known as the 'Value Enabled Web'.  

Now, money can flow as fast as information, which in addition to opening up many interesting possibilities for combatting some of the internets most persistent and disruptive problems (like spam / bots), also brings the possibility for the pricing mechanism, indeed the most efficient pricing mechanism of all time, to be applied to all activities in cyberspace.  

Prices, of course, are what best mediate supply and demand, what best manage scarcity, and what best permits value to emerge and be integrated into market decisions.  What Lyle and his team at VIDA are attempting to do, is develop an interface which helps people to interact with others online, and to set their own price and terms for doing so.  

It's already easy to see how impactful of a shift this could represent.  In this episode, we use VIDA to record our conversation, while simultaneously live-streaming it to Twitter (and setting our fee for people to drop in and send us a message).  It's still early days, and there are bound to be lots of kinks to work out (it seems the audio/video sometimes went out of sink in this recording), but it's clear that the Value Enabled Web is coming and represents innumerable possibilities for improving the quality of our interactions both on and offline.  



More from Lyle: 

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VIDA: https://vida.page/lylepratt

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