#382: The Dematerialization of Money with Jesse Myers

#382: The Dematerialization of Money with Jesse Myers

TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Jesse to discuss the shitcoin mindset, the core value of Bitcoin, and the financial debasement that threatens us.

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9:15 - Nyms and names
10:10 - Unlearning shitcoinery
16:53 - Copying digital scarcity devalues it
21:28 - Crypto is becoming more scammy over time
28:54 - The crypto cult leaders
32:18 - Why yuppies can't grok bitcoin
38:36 - Crypto feeds off of early internet mindset
44:51 - Resisting inflation with hard money
52:50 - Digital revolution of value
55:10  - Progression of better money
1:03:58 - The degeneration of fiat world
1:12:10 - The progression of America's debasement of money
1:20:33 - Past the financial event horizon
1:30:53 - Weak men in hard times
1:33:09 - The peaceful revolution
1:36:56 - Take ownership
1:43:51 - Is the contagion still contagious?
1:49:29 - Plugs

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