492: The Troll Wizard
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492: The Troll Wizard

16 Nov • 1hr 6m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Microsoft lets its geek flag fly, our observations on .NET 7, and the recent upset caused by the Troll Wizard, but we can't understand who will pay the toll.


28,115 sats
16 Mar
I hit it lucky and earned 500 SATs on Fountain (netting about 30,000), so I thought I'd Zoidberg most of it away by boosting my zip code in hopes to be called a rich 🦞. Sad I missed the meetup in the Raleigh area last year, but I was busy with the kids Easter activities (and you gotta get them in while you can ☺️). Wanted to try and boost LUP since that is where the zip discussion has been, but the boost button wasn't showing up. Make sure Mike and Wes share.
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19 Nov
not sure if it's available on ios, but Authy is a 2 factor app that supports syncing with a phone number and password. non GLP as far as I know but for normies it's better than losing everything
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18 Nov
2,000 sats
19 Nov
2FA is NOT too strict. If you follow the directions every time you activate it, you get fallback codes. You were warned. We were all warned. Sorry you got burned.
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16 Nov
Great show this week guys!