The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary 'Hero's Journey' w/ Bitcoin Graffiti
The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary 'Hero's Journey' w/ Bitcoin Graffiti
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

Bitcoin Graffiti is a software engineer by trade, but is most known for his bitcoin-inspired stencil graffiti, as well as his fascinating and thoughtful writing, published in Bitcoin Magazine and Citadel21.

BG responded to one of my recent tweets asking if anyone wanted to jump on the podcast for a chat sometime, so we set it up.



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15 Nov
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14 Nov
We're not in Kansas anymore 😯
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13 Nov
was the witch killed in the beginning, a cognitive dissonance to be destroyed before sound money is obtained or seen as a suitable path forward?
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16 Feb
good pod
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26 Nov
A brilliant comparison!
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22 Nov
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13 Nov
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16 Nov
fascinating parrallels drawn.