E77: Sam Wouters on Insights from River's Lightning Nodes, RLS, and the Future of LN Payments
E77: Sam Wouters on Insights from River's Lightning Nodes, RLS, and the Future of LN Payments
The Kevin Rooke Show

Sam Wouters is a Bitcoin Research Analyst at River, where he has recently put together an in-depth report on River’s Lightning Nodes.

In our conversation we discussed Sam’s findings from studying the payments flowing through River’s node, River’s API service, and the future of payments on the Lightning Network.

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00:00 - Intro

02:13 - Sam Wouters Intro

09:10 - Becoming a Better Bitcoin Educator

15:45 - Why River Published Their Lightning Report

29:53 - How Does River Decide Which Nodes To Connect To?

32:44 - How River & Chivo Are Working Together

38:28 - How Will River Make Money on the Lightning Network?

43:57 - Why Are So Many Lightning Nodes Running on Tor?

49:20 - How Important is Decentralization on Lightning?

1:04:25 - Making Large Payments on Lightning

1:17:41 - The Lightning Round

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