Pierre Rochard on Work, Communism, Spirituality & Bitcoin

Pierre Rochard on Work, Communism, Spirituality & Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Matrix

In this very special episode Ced sits down with Pierre Rochard for an intriguing and wide-ranging conversation about proof of work vs proof of stake, parallel histories, long range POS attacks, how Bitcoin is a hedge against a wide range of uncertainties, adoption waves, herd mentality, CPI, inflation, toxicity, why people avoid the truth, charity, anonymous donations and spirituality in money.

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CypherSafe has a long heritage of creating quality (and I think beautiful) metal products. Their parent company, Numberall has been doing it since 1930. With bitcoin slowly changing people’s time preference, they feel it’s a great time to focus on making artistic, metal items. People can again start to appreciate an item for it’s beauty, and the craftsmanship it took to make it.

Their first go is the Bitcoin Reuleaux Triangle. It’s a fusion of engineering, geometry, artisanship, and bitcoin.

It’s overall shape is the Reuleaux Triangle, named after Franz Reuleaux. He was an engineer in the 1800’s who formalized Kinematic Theory,

Of course the obvious nod to bitcoin is front and center with the Bitcoin  logo.

They strived to achieve a beautiful look with the  face textured for an almost diamond coated look. Along with making the  a raised engraving, which creates a beveled edge to enhance the smaller details.

All of this is done in titanium

We hope you find the Bitcoin Reuleaux Triangle as beautiful as we do!

For more information Go to cyphersafe.io and use the code Matrix to get 10% your order

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