Creating An Okugake Journey | Getting Out Of The Comfort Trap
Mere Mortals

Creating An Okugake Journey | Getting Out Of The Comfort Trap

1 Oct • 1hr 0m
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Juan is itching to do something physically crazy whereas I just need to experiment more and get out of my routine.In Episode #335 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: why my laptop is still playing up, the 96 km all-night hike that Juan loved, a bunch of disciplined psychos who take physical activities way too far, the pros/cons of doing challenges in a group setting, why Otter.Ai and transcription services cannot spell my name right (they call me Chyron, that's not my name!), how I locked myself out of my own podcast and why you need to be careful with Podcasting 2.0 tags as they can bite you in the bum.As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!Timeline:(0:00) - Dark and loud(0:43) - Kokoda challenge(2:32) - Ross Edgley(3:22) - Fergus Crawley & hybrid training(7:52) - David Goggins & overseas trails/Okugakes(15:48) - Showing off your training(21:05) - Just doing a marathon(24:31) - Running around an AFL field plus impressing randoms(32:04) - More experimentation is required(37:16) - Funny transcription stories(42:33) - Reuploading the entire V4V podcast on Castopod(47:14) - Marketing boostagrams with lots of splits(50:15) - P2.0 tribulations(59:09) - Why we are ethically against advertisingConnect with Mere Mortals:Website: the show
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