E71: Ry Sterling on IBEX Mercado, New Lightning Use Cases, and Helping El Salvador Adopt Bitcoin
E71: Ry Sterling on IBEX Mercado, New Lightning Use Cases, and Helping El Salvador Adopt Bitcoin
The Kevin Rooke Show

Ry Sterling is the VP of North America at IBEX Mercado. There are two parts to the IBEX business, it is a tool enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin payments, and an infrastructure platform for enabling entirely new Lightning use cases.

In our discussion, Ry explained the vision for IBEX Mercado, we explored a bunch of emerging Lightning use cases, and we discussed the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador.

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00:00 - Intro

02:44 - Ry Sterling Intro

15:23 - Gamifying Money on the Lightning Network

20:30 - Remittances & IBEX Cash

26:48 - Where Will Lightning Adoption Come From?

30:23 - What Lessons IBEX Learned From Pitching Merchants

42:35 - When Will Square Introduce Lightning Payments?

43:28 - Why IBEX’s Business Is Accelerating

47:36 - IBEX & El Salvador

55:55 - What Impact Will Fiat Bridges on Lightning Have on the World?

1:03:54 - The Lightning Round

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I just signed my company up for IBEX. Thanks for having him on. It’s great to hear from companies you use.
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