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⚡️ E70: Ray Marceau on Building Purse, Integrating Lightning, and Focusing on Bitcoin

The Kevin Rooke Show

Ray Marceau is the CEO of Purse, a marketplace enabling anyone to spend Bitcoin to buy products on Amazon, or sell Amazon gift cards to buy Bitcoin.

In our discussion, Ray explained how the Purse platform works, the ups and downs of their 8-year journey in the Bitcoin space, why Purse decided to integrate Lightning payments this summer, and why they’re considering focusing exclusively on Bitcoin on their platform.

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00:00 - Intro

02:38 - Ray Marceau Intro

13:54 - How Does Purse Work?

17:28 - Purse and Amazon Gift Cards

23:55 - Purse’s Lightning Network Integration

36:04 - What Lightning Metrics Is Purse Watching?

38:04 - Why Purse is Focusing on Bitcoin

56:42 - Privacy on Lightning

59:42 - Ray’s Lessons Learned as CEO

1:06:03 - The Lightning Round