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by @nick10 Mar • 0m 34s

Episode Show Notes

Michael Santos (@MichaelGSantos) survived 26 years as a federal prisoner, hosts the Prison Professors podcast, and is the author of Earning Freedom!: Conquering a 45-Year Prison Term.
What We Discuss with Michael Santos:

How Michael Santos got sentenced to 45 years in federal prison when he was just 23 years old — not for committing a violent crime, but for establishing himself as a cocaine entrepreneur at the height of the War on Drugs (and committing perjury just made things worse).
What this conviction meant to Michael's relationship with his family — and his wife.
The three-prong plan Michael applied to the sudden wealth of time he had on his hands to find a way to reduce his sentence and hit the ground running when he finally got out.
How the system is designed to trip up attempts inmates make toward self-improvement and rehabilitation.
How Michael made his first million behind bars.
And much more...

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