Value for Value explained in under 2 minutes... ⚡
The Freedom Footprint Show with Knut Svanholm

Value for Value explained in under 2 minutes... ⚡

by @joemartinmusic25 Jul • 1m 38s

Episode Show Notes

In today's episode we're joined by Nick Malster, co-founder of Fountain, a value for value podcasting app powered by the Lightning Network.
Today we take a peek behind the scenes at Fountain, how it started and all the exciting things coming in the future for creators and listeners. We discuss podcasting 2.0, modern content industries vs value for value, the future of monetization and more. 
Connect with Nick on Twitter:
Connect with Fountain on Twitter:
Visit to found out more about Fountain and to download the app. 
00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:47 - Welcoming Nick Malster to the Freedom Footprint Show
00:03:53 - Nick's Background and Fountain
00:09:57 - Fountain and Bitcoin
00:17:36 - Nick's Bitcoin Journey
00:22:29 - Modern Content Industries vs Value for Value
00:28:17 - The Future of Monetization
00:33:25 - Tools for Content Creators on Fountain
00:42:09 - Wrapping Up - Where to Find Nick
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