The Future Of Music Sync
Podcasting 2.0

The Future Of Music Sync

by @joemartinmusic7 May • 1m 40s

Episode Show Notes

Podcasting 2.0 May 5th 2023 Episode 131: "Toilet Scroller"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - We run with HUGE scissors! Sam Sethi joins us to discuss

Sam Sethi - CEO Podfans
YouTube Podcasts is a flop
Programmatic ads are inferior compared to host read ads
Vice Media bankrupsy
You cannot monetize the network
MKUltra chat
Use Curiocaster for the Test!!
13223 v4v enabled podcasts
Joe Martin Music | - High Gravity - 15 sec intro
V4V = auto
Todd chapters with chatgpt
fediverse/fep: Fediverse Enhancement Proposals - fep -
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