Good to know Jack is on the artist's side! 🤝
Bitcoin.Review Podcast with NVK & Guests

Good to know Jack is on the artist's side! 🤝

by @joemartinmusic • 15 Jan • 2m 40s

Episode Show Notes

I'm joined by guests Jack Dorsey, Fiatjaf and William Casarin to discuss Nostr 🤙

Discussion Topics:

00:01:56 What is Nostr?
00:03:24 State of development for Nostr
00:04:16 What attracted Jack to Nostr?
00:06:11 NVKs initial thoughts on Nostr
00:07:03 Nostr versus "competitors"
00:13:42 The simplicity of the Nostr protocol
00:18:00 How does Nostr work?
00:21:19 NIPs and maintaining Nostr
00:22:50 What is Nostr seeking to solve?
00:32:21 Nostr relationship with Bitcoin
00:43:10 Nostr use cases
01:11:14 Key management
01:17:16 Cryptography and encryption
01:19:40 Exploring unique use cases
01:24:12 Experimenting with new technology
01:25:17 Simplicity of Nostr and scaling applications
01:28:01 Micro apps and realising creative concpets
01:34:03 Scaling up and censorship resistance
01:40:03 How does Nostr win?
01:56:57 Final thoughts and what people can do to help Nostr

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NVK Twitter:
Nostr & LN:⚡ (not an email!)

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