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by @joemartinmusic5 Apr • 3m 39s

Episode Show Notes

Join Marty as he sits down with Adam Curry to discuss Podcasting 2.0, Value 4 Value, Bitcoin, energy, culture, and much more.

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No Agenda Show:

Pod8:57 - Opening Riff14:51 - Information Freedom18:57 - Bitcoin responsibility and remembering your keys24:19 - Patriot Act 2.0 and thinking local28:25 - Mining and energy38:30 - Trans politics and transhumanism52:41 - Nostr55:50 - v4v1:08:43 - Joe Rogan1:13:23 - Go make children1:15:50 - Modern dating1:18:08 - Comedy mothership1:21:22 - Elon, CBDCs and AI1:33:27 - Habla1:36:00 - Self hosting and running nodes1:38:56 - v4v electric boogaloo1:46:29 - Thank God for Bitcoin1:54:59 - No Agenda1:58:59 - These timestamps took a lot of condensing2:00:11 - Drugs, digital and pharmaceutical2:08:05 - v4v thunderdome2:29:12 - Truth For The Commoner2:30:56 - Meetups2:30:58 - We're gonna win

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