The Rogin Kim Cast
The Rogin Kim Cast
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Clown World War 3
2/23/2023 • 43m
We're on a bullet train and there's a swan on the tracks.
Distractionary Spending
2/15/2023 • 44m
The media is ignoring the fact the Nord Stream... HEY LOOK AT THAT BALLOON!!!
2/14/2023 • 41m
There's been reports of ChatGPT having a left-leaning bias, but AI knows no boundaries and can easily be augmented for the conservative market.
2/13/2023 • 39m
You know that little phone in your pocket is a rat? He's telling everyone all about you and your dirty secrets. And you trust this guy? You have him in your house, your bed, in front of your OWN CHILDREN?!?  
2022 FU
12/31/2022 • 47m
What a year! A look back at a year of fear, uncertainty, and new beginnings.
286 Kanye Westworld
10/26/2022 • 45m
Selling out is metal AF. I heard Slayer is replacing their pentagram with the Star of David.
285 Family Feudalism
10/1/2022 • 52m
A generation of broken homes, and now nobody can afford one.
284 America Is Getting Weirder w/ @delectable_ham
9/19/2022 • 1hr 17m
Comedian Rob Tisdale (@delectable_ham) joins me for a lighthearted talk about the ongoing collapse of our civilization, and why I think the engineers behind it are lying to us. Check out the show on the Fountain app using my referral link!
283 Was The Queen Based?
9/13/2022 • 50m
The Queen is dead, long live the new Queen, Climate Change. 
282 There Is No I in #TEM
9/6/2022 • 49m
or MMA, or LSD, or FATHER!!!!!!
281 Enjoy the Rad w/ @RoyBatty_N_6
8/22/2022 • 1hr 18m
Roy Batty (@RoyBatty_N_6) joins me this episode to talk about being a cartoon terrorist on Bitcoin Twitter, and his observations on the coming crisis in the midst of the Fourth Turning. Also, where the hell do aliens fit in all of this? Support the show with the value for value model on Fountain! Here's my referral code.
280 Civil WEF
8/18/2022 • 54m
America is so polarized that neither party can agree on anything except permanent global war.
279 Fed Watchin' w/ @drchimrich85
8/15/2022 • 1hr 27m
Dr. Chim Richalds joins me this episode to talk about The Federalist Papers, his podcast about The Federalist Papers, the racist origins of Progressivism, the threat of Progressives in Bitcoin, the origins of #TEM, and how the FBI being used as a political weapon against Trump is a sneak peek at what's in store of the average American.  Support the show with the value for value model on Fountain! Here's my referral code.
278 Progressive Bitcoiners are Cancer Culture
8/11/2022 • 44m
If Bitcoin's purpose is to separate money from state, progressive bitcoiners are forcing them to get married.
277 Counter-top Korean
8/8/2022 • 48m
The Koreans have spread their patrols from the rooftops to the counter-tops, fueled by years of resentment of having to work in their dads' stores. ---- Support the show and the value for value for value model by downloading the Fountain app, and giving me a follow! Send me a boost and I will read your message on the pod!
276 Bear Market Power Bottom
7/29/2022 • 41m
Bear markets are for building, so I'm building a realty show empire to monetize the collapse of America.
275 Concentration Camp Comic
7/18/2022 • 50m
It's way easier to kill at a concentration camp than a death camp.
274 There's Nothing Funny About Killing Babies
6/27/2022 • 50m
Not even if one is trying to kill you and you have to face it in single combat in the Colosseum.
273 Pride Month Goes Before The Fall
6/11/2022 • 38m
Pride has never been the cause of the downfall of humanity, so keep it up gays.
272 Bitches Be LARPING
5/23/2022 • 45m
In this episode, Rogin respects women by celebrating suffrage and the century of death and destruction that followed.
271 Yellow Kwan Event
5/16/2022 • 27m
Do Kwan is a scammer. Stop shitcoining, buy Bitcoin. 1-800-273-8255
270 Bitcoin is for Hitler
4/25/2022 • 45m
Bitcoin is for enemies, meaning even Hitler would use it, and read Bitcoin Magazine, too.
269 The Bitcoin CONference
4/16/2022 • 48m
Make sure you get your #FreeRoss coffee mugs at the Merchtoshi Nakamoto Hall before they run out! Plebs together strong!
268 The Fresh Cuck of Bel Air
3/28/2022 • 40m
"The slap heard round the world," Will Smith pitched to Chris Rock. Speaking of rock, make sure you never look up what's on Hunter Biden's laptop, and listen to the alpha I drop about the upcoming crack bubble.
267 Bitcoin Can't Fix Stupid
3/7/2022 • 44m
No amount of Bitcoin will make Biden go from funny uh-oh to funny ha-ha.
266 Putin is bad, mkay?
2/28/2022 • 45m
Is Putin the Hitler of Hitlers even though Ukranian neo-Nazis are calling him a Jew? What a country!
265 Bitcoin is Free, Dumb Dumb
2/11/2022 • 44m
Bitcoin is backed by free speech. Policing speech is antithetical to Bitcoin. Go cry harder.
264 Fellatio Business
1/31/2022 • 47m
Bend the knee and open wide to let opportunity come inside. 
263 Floydian Slip
1/18/2022 • 45m
Joe Biden said that George Floyd had more of a worldwide impact than MLK, which is buy signal for Floydie NFTs! Chamath doesn't care about Uighurs, and I will defend his position to the death. 
262 Narrative Prolapse
1/14/2022 • 43m
The COVID tide is turning, but OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT BEHIND YOU?
261 N-word F-word T-word
1/4/2022 • 39m
Bored Apes are racist when you cram CRT into your NFTs.
260 The Tower of Omicron
12/3/2021 • 45m
259 Pedo Trial By Combat
11/22/2021 • 45m
The lesson of the Rittenhouse trial is, if we're gonna force these kids to get vaxed, we should at least arm them against the constant onslaught of pedophiles.
258 Rogin Reads War is a Racket
11/15/2021 • 47m
"War is a Racket" is a speech written in 1935 by Major General Smedley Butler that I am reading in 2021 in one take probably a bit faster than I should have. Everything in his speech has manifested into a grotesque nightmare version of his warnings, and given our current War on COVID, you can see how the racket continues to this day. 
257 DisAstroworld
11/8/2021 • 42m
I hope Travis Scott is ok throughout all of this.
11/1/2021 • 42m
Bitcoin turns 13! If it was Jewish it would be totally legal to bang, under Talmudic Law of course, and only after the Bit-Mitzvah.
255 Squid Game Theory
10/18/2021 • 52m
Squid Game is part of a genre of entertainment where people are rounded up to play some ridiculously over-the-top death ritual for entertainment.
254 Bitcoin Backed Bullets
10/7/2021 • 43m
Like bitcoin, bullets are sound money. The sound they make is *PEW*
253 Vaccinate The Dead
9/30/2021 • 48m
The #1 most non-compliant population is the dead. We will never get our lives back until we vaccinate all those who have lost theirs.
252 Satoshi Nakahomo
9/20/2021 • 48m
We are all Satoshi. Everyone is gay.
251 HAPPY 9/11
9/11/2021 • 57m
9/11 was a real turning point for America. The problem is, we haven't stopped turning. In fact, we're drilling all the way to China! 
250 Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
8/24/2021 • 53m
Two iconic pieces of video. Bodies falling from the World Trade Center, and bodies falling off a plane taking off from Kabul. What a poetic bookend for the War on Terror.
249 Dot Communism
8/9/2021 • 1hr 3m
Segregation 2: Pandemic Boogaloo is here! Watch as the population is divided between the clean and unclean, while the data mounts that the vaccinated are not as safe as they thought, and may actually be driving more variant creation than the unvaccinated! Meanwhile, is it a coincidence that the global banking system was on the brink of collapse in Sept 2019, Event 201 was in October 2019, and then a worldwide shutdown of the global economy because of COVID? I'm sure it's all a big coincidence, and this is all about our health and well-being! Now get in the train, we're going to...
248 I'm A Data Slut
7/30/2021 • 52m
Man, I am just giving it away. My phone, my face, my feelings, take it all. Yes, I'm the product, but I'll be the best damn product your algorithms have ever seen. Given that, should it matter if I stack KYC Bitcoin? It's all a giant black hole, who cares? Or is that exactly what they want you to think?
247 Bitcoin Is The Best Cult
7/23/2021 • 51m
In an age of total cynicism, any form of authentic faith is met with suspicion. Is Bitcoin a cult? What does defines a cult over just a group of people with shared goals, perspective, and faith? What if it's cynicism that's a cult, ever think of that smarty pants?
246 LA: Retarded, Evil, or Both?
7/17/2021 • 51m
LA County decides to bring back its indoor mask mandate despite state and national guidelines. If it's not science they're following, what is it? Efforts to censor "misinformation" are being unrolled with government and Big Tech collusion, but what is misinformation? There's no such thing. It's a propaganda term designed to remove critical thinking from the individual and coerce conformity by separating people into wrong-thinkers and right-thinkers.
245 What's Good For the Propagoose Is Good For The Propagander
7/10/2021 • 1hr 0m
We are living in the age of propaganda, and its insidious effects are everywhere. I talk about listening to my friend's shiftless wife railing against the patriarchy, how women who don't want to get dick-trolled are considered transphobic by Los Angeles Magazine, and how the climate change narrative is a politicized lie. I think this is part of an effort to destabilize society, or at least just me personally.
244 The Litter Box Origin Story w/ Nichole Davis
6/30/2021 • 1hr 30m
Joining me this episode is Nichole Davis founder and operator of The Litterbox, the comedy gang I was jumped into at the height of the lockdown, found kindred spirits to turn hysteria into hysterics, and a home in comedy for the first time. We talk about how the Box started and some of its lore interspersed with me rambling about my dad who has been long compromised by a Chinese waitress. Follow Nichole in IG - @kittiesandpills Subscribe to my newsletter -
243 Lab Leak Soup
6/18/2021 • 54m
Oh, so now it was a lab leak all along because Jon Stewart said so?
242 The Sovereign Comedian
6/2/2021 • 38m
The comedian's journey is one of individual sovereignty. The comedy industry is centralized through gatekeepers who hold all the bookings and purse strings. Fiat comics want to be protected, fawned over, and paid by elites who want to restrict freedom with fake moral superiority disguised as equity. Bitcoin is decentralized and can't be censored, just like the ethos of real comedy. Comedians need Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will fix comedy. Get $10 in Bitcoin when you stack with Swan -
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286 Kanye Westworld
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8 Oct
285 Family Feudalism
I wanted to say something racist about Asians but instead I was reminded of some guy on Twitter saying organ meat is good for repairing specific organs; the Asian market is the only place I could buy pig hearts to repair my dogs heartworms. in this way I've gained a great respect for the Asian folks and the inventory of their strange emporiums. My typical grocery with it's bleach and dystopian theme does not carry such fine meaty delicacies. Test your dog for heartworms and visit an Asian market
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283 Was The Queen Based?
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279 Fed Watchin' w/ @drchimrich85
looking forward to the next Dr.Chim Richalds episode.
20 Aug
Thank you so much, Victoria! You rock! 🔥🔥🔥
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17 Aug
279 Fed Watchin' w/ @drchimrich85
I was quite pleased to be referenced in conjunction with the AJ film. The January 6 footage featured in it is the best I've seen displayed without bias. I drove to Philly today and listened on the way and home again. cheers brothrr- raybon
17 Aug
You got me on that doc! Much love brother! 🙏🙏🙏
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277 Counter-top Korean
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276 Bear Market Power Bottom
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