Get paid to listen to podcasts
Give back to podcasts you love
Share podcasts with others
Get paid to listen to podcasts
Give back to podcasts you love
Share podcasts with others
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Listen Learn Earn - Share Knowledge and Win Rewards

Oct 19, 2022
Share what you listened to, what you earned and what you learned on Twitter for a chance to win a stack of Bitcoin Magazine issues every week.

Fountain 0.5.2 - Android Auto and Bug Fixes

Oct 11 2022
The wait is over for Android users - you can now play podcasts and discover new shows while you are driving.

Fountain 0.5.1 - Play Queue, Apple CarPlay, OPML Import & Performance Upgrades

Sep 30, 2022
An update full of highly-requested features and bug fixes bringing improved performance and stability.

How do fees work on Fountain?

For Listeners Fountain charges a 4% transaction fee on top of every time you support a podcast (either when streaming sats or sending a Boost). If you are subscribed to Fountain Premium, the transaction fee is reduced to 1%. User who signed up to Fountain Premium before 20th September 2022 will not pay transaction fees at all. For Podcasters Creating a Fountain Podcaster Wallet is completely free and you can withdraw funds whenever you like with no fees. On every payment you receive from your supporters, Fountain takes a 4% fee. Another 1% of every payment goes to Podcast Index.

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