Episode 80 – Joyful Noise
Beer, Bourbon and Balderdash

Episode 80 – Joyful Noise

13 Nov • 1hr 7m
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We are the Podcast of the month at Blubbry hosting!

Join John and Wes in this enchanting episode as they unravel the essence of joy, exploring its origins and drawing intriguing distinctions between joy and happiness. Savor the delightful ambiance as they engage in a heartwarming conversation, complemented by the rich notes of Mac and Jacks' Amber Ale and the alluring depths of Jura's Single Malt - 'The Road.' As our valued producers, your support keeps the joy flowing in every episode. Craig from VPD Studio also gives us a call! Cheers to the journey of discovery, and a heartfelt thank you to all our contributors at Value4Value! Your contributions make it all the more joyful. Here's to you!"
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15 Nov
mic check! mic check! here’s a little priming for John’s gear upgrade! be joyfully happy my friends! 🤩
thanks Craig for the mic go fund me for John😀
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15 Nov
Thanks for your chats guys, I'm highly enjoying them! Must have boosted in directly to Max's band last week instead of the show 😅
Thanks for the boost! and you did but that was a good mistake 😉 learning how to add splits! cheers!