Civic Duties
Society and Culture – Complex Candor

Civic Duties

24 Oct • 1hr 23m
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Show Notes

The fabric of society is highly connected to whether or not people within said society are contributing to it in effective ways, consistently, Sam and Vox talk about it.


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14 Nov
GREAT SHOW I disagree with Sam during the idealism discussion. He said anyone who is utopian is stupid. More often, it’s young, idealistic, and naïve. When I read Walden by Henry David Thoreau in high school, communal living sounded like a really good idea. In my 20s, I explored all kinds of alternative lifestyles, cults, ashrams, meditation, even buddhist retreats. The successful were religious with common morals, specific work requirements, and LOTS of rules. It looked SO good on paper… 😏🤣🤷🏻