Planet Rage #0080 – Biden Insurance
Planet Rage #0080 – Biden Insurance
Planet Rage
On this journey through Planet Rage, we talk about Keith Olbermann being an idiot, the state of New York, border crossings and their fallout, Megyn Kelly is ready to fight, and all the things that make our blood boil. Come rage with us, a tour is departing now! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Kendra LaMotteSrinivas MurtySteve EdwardsTim HeeszelDale Jr.EricPPSirferCbrookyln112CSB …
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22 May
Larry & Darren Wading through the constant barrage of M5M BS through your Rage lense is the antidote to a mind virus looking to devour ALL our Souls. Blindly blinkering ones belief's to the views of others will never be beneficial, this is why a diverse diet of podcasts should be included in your regimen. Don't get caught short by the fastest developing tech ever to exist, subscribe to the ai DOT cooking podcast and stay in the loop whilst being entertained by the dulcet pipes of GWFF. Yo!-CSB