Solo Rip 018
Solo Rip 018
Talking In Bits

Back with Solo Rip 18:

- IRS goon squad

- Bitcoin is inevitable; how we get there is not

- Companies get hacked again

- Beef initiative

- Don’t ever let anyone tell you to do less

And more...

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1,111 sats
22 Aug
💯 People gotta wake up. Appreciate you and your high signal.
22 Aug
thanks good sir 🙏🏼 trying to keep it going 🤝
250 sats
20 Aug
"We gotta move them the fuck out of the paint." Glad to hear you back on the solo rip.
20 Aug
glad you enjoyed it 🙏🏼🤝
21 sats
22 Aug
3 sats
23 Aug