Coding Woes: I Dislike Problem Solving But Still Want To Learn A Programming Language
Coding Woes: I Dislike Problem Solving But Still Want To Learn A Programming Language
Mere Mortals

Maybe if I learn Python I can automate our entire podcast to fix Juan getting names wrong constantly?

In Episode #323 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: a sneak peak into my 2023 goals, why problem solving can be extremely frustrating, reasons for learning a programming language, Juan's (somewhat inaccurate) description of a chimp doco he saw, whether we would go out and live with animals in the wild, being precise with your words when learning new ones from books, my recent chat with Pete Smissen about rare house plants and an emphasis to share our awesome chapter art!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Parking would be annoying
(0:38) - I don't like certain types of problem solving
(5:13) - Coding peculiarities
(8:24) - Why do I want to code?
(12:37) - Lucy The Human Chimp documentary
(19:05) - Cave life & savage chimpanzees
(22:37) - Lucy again
(23:58) - Etymology & slang
(28:17) - Duolingo & new words
(31:03) - Monetising your hobbies right away
(36:49) - Chilly out, good thing we do chapter art
(40:07) - Juan, Jane and Janis

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5,000 sats
14 Aug
Lucy, Jane, Janis.. whatever.
3,200 sats
13 Aug
if you are just starting in coding start with some basic HTML and CSS. then I would suggest learning JavaScript. tracking bugs can be frustrating sometimes, but it is all logic in the end. let me know if you want some help getting started.
3,200 sats
13 Aug
you were discussing living in nature. this is a very interesting show that is very relevant to that topic. Boyd Barry goes and lives in the wilds of Africa.
1,000 sats
16 Aug
I am a hobbyist when it comes to coding. If raspberry pis weren’t impossible to get, I would suggest you start there and their project page. The book Learn Python the Hard way is a good way to stay focused and learn bit by bit. once you get a feel for basics, other resources you find online for other languages will make more sense. as you learn more, you be able to solve your current ideas and explore new ones with more success. go Podcasting 🫳🎤
500 sats
15 Aug
How many sats do I need to send to get an arm wrestle competition between the both of you live on stream? Love the show, stay handsome