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Aug 11 2022 • 32m
Boost episode

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In todays episode I talk about the events of yesterday. Where do we go from here?Check our Fold. Use the App or the Debit Card to earn Sats back on things you are buying already. Get 5000 Sats if you use my link, sign up and check it out. Reliance Festival in Camden TN Oct 1st and 2nd   Buy Tickets here: Brown from Strong Roots Resources has Cascade hops rhizomes available. A pack of 15 root cuttings and each will produce 2 to 3 vines. Zones 3 to 9. $50 shipping included and he'll answer any questions you may have. Holler at him at or on Telegram.Product Review Page: Link Page:   Now on TikTok: me on Fountain and participate in Value for Value exchange: The LOTS Project Playlist on YT:  Telegram Chat To find out more about The LOTS Project please visit or find me on social media: (channel) (chat) this podcast at — Inquiries:
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Aug 16 2022
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