⚡️ Unwarranted Advice: Should You Judge The Source Of The Information Or Just The Info Itself?

Mere Mortals

Considering how much advice I tell myself and don't follow I wouldn't recommend listening to our advice (although thankfully I rarely give out any)!

In Episode #289 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: the pride in his hard work editing a CrossFit video, meeting a younger version of myself, why I generally dislike unsolicited advice, mentors and helping younger people, why the resulting action is more important than the intent of the advice and a whole lot of bitching about domain names.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Misc intro
(0:52) - Juan's CrossFit video
(3:47) - Leaving the camera in the gym
(4:08) - A lotta editing hours
(9:59) - Fuck growing your podcast
(11:55) - Why do things?
(14:11) - Ben = Young Kyrin
(15:33) - Unwarranted advice
(18:45) - Helping the youth
(22:49) - Mentor vs Supporter
(26:22) - The source of advice
(31:43) - Incompetent evil
(33:36) - Chesterton's Fence
(35:22) - Domain Names
(38:51) - ICANN
(42:36) - Spaceship on the footpath
(43:35) - Lotta bitching hours

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