⚡️ Mere Mortals Marketing: Some Ideas On How To Spread The Podcast

Mere Mortals

We've whined about being shit marketers for too long so now it's time to do something about it.

In Episode #288 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: our general thoughts on self-promotion, some unique ways that we could get in front of more eyeballs, the phases that are sometimes necessary to put in a big effort, using the attention generated by my handstands to showcase the podcast and a request for user feedback on what makes us special.

A big thanks to Petar, Dave Jones, Ana Thomas (Apple For The Teacher) and Anthony (Signs Of New Growth) for all helping to support. You're bloody legends!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Why marketing?
(3:05) - My initial ideas
(10:00) - The 4P's of marketing
(16:46) - Numbers don't mean shit
(22:53) - How spammy is too spammy
(25:55) - YT comments
(30:24) - Boostagram Lounge
(32:41) - I got fooled ..... again!
(36:30) - Signs of New Growth intro
(38:35) - What are we marketing for?
(46:24) - We want your juicy eyeballs
(47:41) - Promotion ideas
(53:28) - The sum up from this episode
(57:37) - Responding to MM comments
(59:22) - Our request for feedback

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