⚡️ Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse: How The Mere Mortals Will Live On

Mere Mortals

Worried about COVID-23? Don't worry we've got you covered on what you should do when the zombie apocalypse comes!

In Episode #284 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: what to do with a year's worth of prep, choosing a mountainous terrain to relocate to, why the default needs to be avoidance rather than combat, seriously asking whether your new life is worth the pain, contemplating whether the zombie lifestyle is actually good, why society won't come up with one single solution and the new sneaky and waste minimising traits we'll develop.

A big thanks to Petar the Slav for sending in some boostagrams and everyone who joined in the live chat. We'll be back again next Sunday!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - We're P2.0 Certified
(2:23) - The hypothetical
(6:01) - Avoid instead of fighting
(7:34) - Hedonism, moats and tigers
(12:12) - We're living on mountains
(18:13) - Comments and boostagram lounge
(22:09) - Is life worth living?
(24:14) - Assimilation: No more humanism!
(27:44) - A societal response
(30:21) - New desired qualities/values
(33:14) - I stuffed up the audio for 10s
(34:00) - Additional comments
(36:50) - V4V spiel

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