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⚡️ Is The NFL Rigged? Part I

The Weekly Cynic

Do We Answer Our Question About The NFL In Part One? No. But, We Lay Out Some Questions That Die-Hards Of The Sport Should Ponder: How Does The Proliferation Of Legalized Gambling Affect Competition? Why Do Wealthy NFL Owners Have Stakes In Legal Gambling Companies? We Open This Episode With Clips From Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea Explaining The Corrupting Effects Of Gambling On 1980s NFL Teams And Owners. Our Resident Gambling Expert, The Dirty Poet, Also Gives His Take On Unusual Point Spreads And Upsets This Past Season. If You Love What We Do Return That Love By Visiting Our Tip-Jar, Ko-fi And PayPal Links Or Click Our Supercast Link For Our Premium ‘Cast. Also, Stay Up-To-Date With Our 'Bi-Weekly Cynic' Newsletter.

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