⚡️ Celebrating 30 Brazilian Style: Observations From The 2022 Brisbane Brazilian Carnival

Mere Mortals

If you're going to have a milestone birthday then you might as well party like a Brazilian.

In Episode #281 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: why small differences in distance can have a big effect of communication, predictions of our 40th birthday parties, the madness of super gregarious Brazilians partying hard, the latest NFT news, my random dream about weird physics, what you'll find at the end of the universe and why I'm such a sucker for stupid information.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Handstand interactions
(4:29) - What will I be like at 40?
(7:59) - What will Juan be like at 40?
(9:10) - The 2022 Brisbane Brazilian Carnival
(15:07) - Brazilian fluidity
(20:47) - Changing communication styles
(25:04) - NFT Mergers & Acquisitions
(32:33) - Anti-entropy ray gun
(35:21) - The end of the universe
(38:51) - Believing untrue things
(43:42) - V4V

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