⚡️ OSCAR MERRY | Mixing Social Media With Podcasting & Reducing Spam With Bitcoin

Mere Mortals

Oscar is back! But this time for a shorter more casual convo about what has been happening with Fountain.

In Conversation #69 Oscar and I discuss: if it's harder to code in good audio features or integrate bitcoin into Fountain, why we need more connection between podcasters and listener, how users are behaving differently on his app, my review of a book he recommended, how he intends to make Fountain even better and my decision to kick back up the Value For Value podcast.

I hope you're having a fantastic day wherever you are in the world. Kyrin out!

(0:00) - What's harder designing for: bitcoin or audio?
(4:18) - Mixing social media with podcasting
(9:27) - User behaviour
(13:43) - Reducing spam
(15:12) - Nathaniel's Nutmeg
(19:14) - Marketing & clipping
(21:31) - What is Fountain lacking?
(27:55) - Restarting the V4V podcast
(32:37) - Get the Fountain app!

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