⚡️ Monthly Goals - February 2022

Mere Mortals

You smell that ....... it smells like it's goal time.

Do you set yourself monthly goals and if so, how many do you set? Juan and I on the first week of every month go over our progress from the previous month and where we are heading for the next. Emphasis as always is on the shortcomings; what we didn't achieve in the previous monthly goals and how we will fix that for the month that comes. We hope you get some value from this series, showcasing our own methodology. What do you do differently and why?

As always, we hope you enjoy, Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Kyrin's January
(3:24) - Juan's January
(6:20) - Juan's Feb Goals - Body
(8:54) - Kyrin's Feb Goals - 1st Half
(12:21) - Juan's Feb Goals - Mind & Soul
(17:35) - Kyrin's Feb Goals - 2nd Half
(20:05) - Long Term & Fitness Challenge
(21:26) - Value For Value

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