⚡️ Enduring A Bad Start: Why Nothing Will Stop Our Podcast!

Mere Mortals

Malfunctioning mic arms and crappy cables can't stop this train.

In Episode #268 of 'Meanderings/Musings' Juan and I discuss: our recent double malfunction, how we would have handled setbacks in our earlier episodes, why nurses in blood donor centers are jittery, why I won't be foiling terrorist attacks, what I learnt from a BDSM 101 podcast, Juan's multiple copies of Gary Vee's book, honing into deeper convos in a group setting and the multiple ways you can help support us (much like Petar the Slav did).

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Double mic related fail
(2:19) - Persevering through a bad start
(8:17) - Bad blood donation
(10:53) - This is fine
(11:33) - Petar the excel wizard
(16:57) - BDSM & Boostagram virginity
(21:32) - Twelve And A Half
(23:37) - Juan the social butterfly
(28:48) - TTT: Time, talent & treasure

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