⚡️ Anonymity: The Pros/Cons & Whether It Is Good For Society?

Mere Mortals

Who we are, you'll never know. What we do, you can only guess. Why we podcast, because it's fun!

In Episode #267 of 'Musings' Nuaj & Nyrik discuss: the definition of anonymity, the pros of security/inclusivity/meritocracy, the cons of no accountability/destructiveness, why being anonymous in the crowd doesn't make sense, ways that we use or see it in our daily lives, why Juan wants less of it and I see it as more neutral.

A big thanks to Dave Jones (the one and only Podsage) for supporting us this week. Very much appreciated!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Nyrik & Nuaj define 'anonymity'
(4:12) - Benefits
(12:44) - Should our world be more anonymous?
(16:03) - Cons
(23:41) - Responding to the chat
(27:07) - Boostagram Lounge
(30:33) - Types of anonymity
(36:29) - How this interacts with daily life
(44:24) - More anonymity is bad
(48:32) - Creating systems with variable anonymity
(51:36) - Would we ever publish something anonymously
(54:57) - Send an anonymous boostagram if you so desire

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