⚡️ Beliefs: What Do You Believe & Why?

Mere Mortals

We get slightly philosophical on this one as we explore some of our deepest held beliefs.

In Episode #265 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: how to catch us live in the future, a few different definitions of the word, why I have a new hated buzzword, some things that we strongly believe, a shoutout to Petar the Slav & Dave Jones for boostagramming, some topics we find immensely boring, why flat earthers are just regular people and why meritocracy will fail when the robots take over.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - We're live!
(2:42) - Definition of 'belief'
(4:55) - Is polarisation actually bad?
(8:50) - Kyrin's strong beliefs
(14:29) - Juan's strong beliefs
(23:49) - Boostagram Lounge
(30:30) - Responding to the chat
(36:45) - Boring beliefs
(44:36) - Believing something doesn't equate to action
(50:47) - Identity politics won't matter when the robots come
(59:13) - Signing off

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