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⚡️ Interview with John Lee: Arguments for Christian Theism, Free Will, and the Presuppositions Underlying Transgenderism

For The King

This week I interview a brother in Christ, John Lee. John is the founder of custommobile.app. Their boutique agency builds individualized mobile apps for podcasts starting at just $25/month. I am hoping to eventually take advantage of his service for my podcast! However, this was a small part of the podcast, we mostly spend our time talking about theological and philosophical problems in the church and world. We speak on a wide range of topics from apologetics, Molinism/Calvinism, and homosexuality/transgenderism. John had some AMAZING thoughts on transgenderism and I would definitely stay tuned in until the end to hear what he has to say! Thanks for listening!

Unbelievable? episode with James White and William Lane Craig arguing Molinism and Calvinism that was alluded to in our conversation. You can find it here. Choose wahtever podcasting platform you use at the bottom of the page!

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