⚡️ Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) on MMT, CBDCs, and crypto policy for 2022

On The Brink with Castle Island

House Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) joins the show to share thoughts on his crypto policy agenda for 2022, as well as his views on inflation, MMT, stablecoins, and CBDCs. In this episode: 

  • How Rep. Emmer came to be interested in public blockchains
  • Rep. Emmer’s interest in Austrian economics
  • How Rep. Emmer stays up to date with the industry
  • Are MMTers the establishment or an outsider group?
  • Is Washington dominated by covert MMT ideology?
  • Is fiscal conservatism dead in Washington?
  • Why Rep. Emmer voted for the CARES act any regrets he has
  • How the massive injection of cash in the last two years warped our economy
  • Is inflation driven by fiscal spending or corporate greed?
  • Is crypto inherently a partisan issue?
  • Rep Emmer’s concerns about a CBDC
  • Why the US should not take cues from China
  • Why CBDCs are not akin to physical cash
  • Why insisting that stablecoins need bank charters is deeply ironic
  • Problems with the Presidential Working Group’s guidance on stablecoins
  • Is crypto favorable or hostile to American interests?
  • What are Rep Emmer’s colleagues’ residual objections to crypto?
  • The purpose of Emmer’s Securities Clarity Act
  • Will the midterms alter Congress’ approach to the crypto industry?

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