⚡️ The Intergalactic Boom Box #028

Intergalactic Boom Box

Your thoughts on crypto
Nine Inch Nails...."unplugged"....XD
Netflix adapting a live action "One Piece"
Is Chris Pratt voicing too many animated characters?
What's a "dutch angle" in movies?


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Wanna experience this podcast in ways that Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and the other big guys simply can't give ya?  This is a Podcasting 2.0 enabled podcast with a value 4 value block.  This means enhanced features (pictures with links that display during playback, chapter points to skip through segments).  Value 4 value refers to donating a customizable crypto amount (satoshis, a denomination of Bitcoin, which is fractions of pennies on the dollar) for the value a podcast provides to you.  Fractions of a fraction of a penny, some goes to the developers as well.  Below is how ya get set up.  Trust me, it's REALLY cool.

1.  Download Blue Wallet, Wallet of Satoshi, Breez, or any lightning enabled podcast wallet.  The lightning network makes it possible to send micropayments across Podcasting 2.0 apps within seconds.  Link a bank account or debit/credit card to load it up.   

2.  Then, download any free mobile or desktop app from NewPodcastApps.com.  In particular, Podfriend, Fountain, or Curiocaster.

3.  Simply transfer satoshis from your lightning wallet to a Podcasting 2.0 app.  You'll be able customize on a per minute during playback.  When you listen to a podcast you support, you won't even have to think, as fractions of pennies automatically are sent as you listen.  You also have the option to manually "boost" a higher customizable amount whenever you want.  You can turn the wallet off at any point.   We're in the future, man!

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